Cropped Craze

Cropped Craze

So with summer being as hot as it is and cropped tops being as popular as they are it is no surprise that they are on my mind. I created a few looks inspired by the trend and how I would wear the most desired tops in my eyes.

Monkeying Around: This is playful crop top is perfect for a summer day where I'm running my less serious errands. You know: Ice cream stops, beach side walks (meaning only on the boardwalk avoiding sand), and makeup purchases. And because the top is demanding all the attention up top I'd wear it with a nude lip. The gun imprinted bag is added as a nod to my dark side.

Take Me Out: This is a date look so I would be taking this chance to vamp it up. A tight midi skirt with plan cropped top is simple enough to let these super (attempted to use the word uber just now and I loathe myself lol) sexy strappy heels do their thing. The statement necklace is a must for a pop of color as well as drawing attention to the collar bone (one of the sexiest parts of a woman). The lipstick will assure a flirty orange mark on you wine glass and compact is just for dramatics!

IKEA Obsessed: This is outfit is just what it is titled. My best friend and I are due for a fun IKEA trip and we go insane once inside with our OHs and AHs. Who doesn't love IKEA... if you don't I declare you clinically insane. The overalls make for a comfortable piece to walk the huge warehouse. The shoes are so cute and so my style and I can be assured no pain because of the platform.

How do you wear your crop tops?

Happy Styling

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