Pants: See You Monday - Cardigan: Thrifted - Sandals: Charlotte Russe

I've been waiting for months for summer. I've been waiting even longer to wear these See You Monday pants. They have been in my closet since last summer and have yet to see the light of day. The timing couldn't be better because palm trees are super in (honestly tried to find a way to not sound like an air head). I was especially inspired by Yara over at Chapter Friday to break these babies out. I'm defintiely going to add a few more plant related prints to my wardrobe ASAP.

Yesterday was the first day of summer - the summer solstice  - and I celebrated with family. There was loads of BBQ, sun and poolside play (in my case a light dipping of feet). I got see people I haven't seen in the longest time and it was nice. I wish I had gotten photos but I was enjoying myself. All I can say after the lovely day I had was that I'm ready for summer! So expect frequent blog updates tons of looks.*promise*

Happy Styling

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