Bra & Bottoms: Calvin Klein - Jeans: Levi's

I'm usually one to pass up on something seen everywhere and on everyone. Back when I started finding my style (sadly located in beginnings of this blog's archive) I tried looking elsewhere for inspiration. A lot of kids my age where into Uggs, legging underneath jeans, etc. Basically anything considered trendy in "urban" culture. I, on the other hand, clung to Nylon magazine and decided mixing prints and baggy knits were more my style. 

As I've started on a more serious path as a blogger I've realized that couldn't last long. I had to buy in or ship out. You can take this "My Calvin's" ad I've got going on here is me waving my white flag. BUT that doesn't mean I've got carbon copy as a mindset. I'm aware I have to make it my own and that's fine by me. I like to live a little to the left when it comes to the clothes I put on my back. It's just a balance I have to fine and a credit card I got to obliterate.

Happy Styling

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