Forbidden Fruit

These are some what of a no no for me on two accounts. They were a something I had never considered acceptable - even after they were attached to limbs of every style enthusiast. I could not for the life of my imagine why anyone would want to parade around in them. As I warmed up to them my friends and significant other (that second account) were giving me "DO NOT buy them" vibes. And by vibes I mean they have straight up told me "hell no!" 

Obviously since I'm writing this my opinion has changed since. To make matter more pressing an urge to rebel has kicked in. I find myself needing them in my closet. Especially the bronze pair pictured above. The more my friend threaten to disown me the more I write an ode to them in my head. Would a secret pair be a weird thing? I could totally wear them and keep it to myself.

Thoughts? Opinions of this atrocious yet guilty pleasure of shoe?

Happy Styling