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So lately I've thinking about  narcissism . It's amazing how much people think about themselves. And let me say I don't find thi...

So lately I've thinking about narcissism. It's amazing how much people think about themselves. And let me say I don't find this a bad thing; because my world literally revolves around myself and my actions. It is my life and body right? So there is no shame in that. But this though got me thinking about fashion bloggers.

The bests of the best have been recognized for doing something as simple as uploading photos and talking about why and how we put what piece of clothing with what.  This is not to give any negativity to blogs like Fashion Toast and Bryan Boy who have made a career out of what they do. There is no doubt that I admire bloggers like that. I guess you can say I was in a mood where I was over thinking the purpose of blogging.

Top: Unknown Store - Shorts: Forever21 - Earrings: H&M - Ring: Random vendor - Shoes: Charlotte Russe - Necklace: Don't Remember

But I was thinking about how we take photos of ourselves in poses and settings that make us look chic or as if we didn't know our pictures are being taken. I often feel silly in my backyard taking photos and snatch my camera when I hear the sound of foot steps. And other times I don't mind my roommate my taking photos out in public. And how the reason why I don't post much each week is because most of the time I think my look isn't worthy to record. And the fact that my blog revolves around my clothes seems bazaar to some of the few that know about this domain. I even pondered what gave me the courage to start this blog and what has keeps me posting.

So my question to you is.... What sparked you to start your blog, why do you, and what keeps you going?

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