Essentially what my studio looks like at the moment. I own this bed and my walls are some what similar. Add in a few purple and grey bins and wala you are in my apartment. 

For this week's Weekly Wednesday the theme is is decor. I've recently moved but its not quite finished. So I thought I'd share some places inspiring my little project. Coveteur here i come!

One goal  is perfectly meshed framed, quirky quotes and a nice comfy corner full of string lights up past the holidays.
My windows are french but definitely not this cool. I love the idea of minimal blacks, whites and imitation furs.  Also a place that is stretch worth in the AM
A kitchen that would make me want to bake, mix, and chop up on the daily. I don't have the view this bathroom does but a serene vibe while bathing is definitely do-able. And big skull, fire place... say no more!
There is nothing wrong with trippy or over-the-top pieces. And most of all I would want somewhere to call home and cuddle up. Because who wouldn't want to feel like Blair Waldorf.

Image Cred: The Coveteur & Tumblr

Happy Styling

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