Wash Day

Top: Forever21 - Shorts: Thrifted - Necklace: F21 - Shoes: Thrash - Bow: Made by Me

So today was actually wash day (actually it should have been but I've been procrastinating). I used a wash room in my building as my location due to a pesky setting sun. I was  reminded that one of my first outfit posts were taken in a wash room. I've gotten more creative since then so this ended up being fun and the light creating nice shadows. You are welcome go back to 08' archives and look for those photos but spare me the embarrassment if you can.

Also these shoes are new (new for the blog but they have seen life for the past month). Do you like? I have them in a tan color as well. They are so comfortable, I feel like I'm walking on stilts whenever I put them on.

Happy Styling

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