Weekly Wednesday: Zuri Mayhem X Roses are Red

I know I mentioned before on Roses are Red that I would be submitting to a lovely little site called Zuri Mayhem. So I thought I'd share with you more links and let you know what is going on over there. It's run by a gorgeous fashionista by the name Deana Nunuz. It's so much fun creating content for a site other than my own and I would love it if my lovely readers skipped on over there and took a look. Dont be afriad to check out the rest of ZM as well. You wont regret it!

All of the pictures provided are of course found on my instagram. So follow me there and then check back on ZM for a special recap every week. You can find Deana on instagram under ZMLV and follow her on twitter@Z_Mayhem. She post great stuff on both networks!

Happy Styling

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