Ok Lets Try This...FROM THE TOP!!!

Ok so i know i introduced my new love to you in one of my previous post. Well we have parted and im now the proud owner of a canon A1100 point and shot.  There were some problems with my last camera so i had to move on. A women working in the camera section helped me pick it out. She recommended it and ive taken a few photos with it and i LOVES IT! I still have to get use to the make because its not as sleek as my last one.

Here are some photos of what Im wearing today. I was thinking about jewlery and this blob came up in my head and i love it.  I rarely wear this hello kitty (even though she is my fav character). Ill have to try it agian with more pieces that i dont use.

Pearls: Forever 21 & Brides Maid Gift( the one pair that is real)
Hello Kitty Necklace: From My Sister-n-Law
Cross: Forever 21
Tank: Forever21
Cardigan Me
Glasses: BeBe
Jeans: Arizona

What type of camera do you use and what are the pros and cons?

Oh and any book suggestions? I want to get into something really goooood

Happy Styling

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