Getting Back On Your Horse

S o I've finally got the b*lls to post something. Since i last posted I've been doing so much and so little. I went to Disneyland wi...

So I've finally got the b*lls to post something. Since i last posted I've been doing so much and so little. I went to Disneyland with friends over the weekend. I visted my sister for a week doing nothing but hanging out. Last night i went out with the hubby to the movies. We saw Youth and Revolt and it was funny and well written. I know most people dont think about the material when it comes to comedys. But being a total nerd (as hubby put it last nigt) i notice things like that. If you want a good laugh go see it Micheal Cera is hilarious.

After the movie I drove home (because he let me) and realized I may not be ready to take my drivers test just yet. At one point i started to cry while driving because i realized i didnt know as much as i thought i did. I have a short temper when it come to people correcting me.. especially when i believe im 100% right. I mean i whined about giving UP and not even taking my driver test. And after swtiching seats 4 times and a lot of sarcasim towards my him i started to think about giving IN.  Giving IN meaning letting myself be corrected and trying over agian until its right.

I have to stop being so stubborn and letting things get me down. Correction can be a good thing. He was telling me the truth and the truth was meant to make me better. I guess we stray away from the truth because it means we go backwards in process. Its like that game... Jenga... you dont want to build something up and just end up with a pile of blocks and a frown on your face.

So now i am making it a thing to give IN instead of giving UP. Thats why i pulled out my sewing machine today and kept going instead of giving up halfway like i usually do. Because i gave in and kept at it instead of giving up and telling my self  "i'll do it later". Life is all about getting back on you horse no matter how many time you get bucked off. In relationships you try hard and kept at it because there was once a time where you were perfect aligned on your horse. You just have to know when to grab a band aid and get back in there. When it comes to school its the same thing. We have to keep at it no matter what is giving us a hard time. Because there is some way, some special technique, that will make it all click.

Here is the result of giving in

The cardigan i made myself a while ago and finished yesterday (after giving in a couple months ago). I contipalted wearing it for our date and was forced to when he showed up midway getting dressed. And im glad i did :-) I forgot to take pics we were having so much fun.

Top: JCPenny
 Skirt: By Me
Cardigan: By Me
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever21
Ring: Some Store In Mall

What have you givin UP on that you wish you give IN to? Or what do you plan to Give IN to in the future?

p.s: If you love the blog follow me. It would be greatly appreciated!!!
p.p.s: Any types on eating healthy? Im about to crash and burn lol
Special Thanks to my Hubby for giving me inspiration for this post.
You are the biggest inspiration love.

Happy Styling

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