O O T D #2

I was recently contact by StyleWe.com to review some of their items. I was excited to go through their inventory. This bomber jacket and camisole dress caught my eye so you know I had to style it for you guys!

StyleWe's is an e-commerce site all about having "Designers at Your Fingertips." They feature tons of independent fashion designers and are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive items. Which means there is so much to choose from!

"We believe fashion should be personal and diversified. Fashion designers should not cater exclusively to the rich and famous. We have dedicated ourselves to enabling talented fashion designers to build their own brands and achieve their dream. Together with our designers, we will deliver high quality designer fashions to everyone." - StyleWe

I'm in love with the concept of a source for quality designer clothing that isn't mainstream. With popular brands dominating closets everywhere it's refreshing to see and have alternatives for quality pieces. There are so many options on the site that you are bound to find a new favorite designer.

Check the video to see the bomber and dress in action & a mini review!


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As cool as I may appear in photos I'm quite the dork. I tell the corniest jokes  this is an opinion seems to be held heavily with my BF because a lot of people think I'm funny but I digress  I'm kind of a klutz and I geek out when strangers make Doctor Who references. I say all of this to say that I don't follow too many trends. Mostly because I like to do my own thing but sometimes it's due to the little voice in my head saying "You can't pull it off."

So when the "Dad Hat" started having it's moment my bf bought me a few. This Kanye inspired "It Ain't Raplh Tho" hat was actually my first choice and I was excited.. until they came in the mail. I immediately compared my head size to the cap and felt like Bobby from Bobby's world (my favorite 90s cartoon as toddler). And the dork in me let them sit in my closet. But one day I had to say F*CK IT! And I look pretty dope if I may say so myself.

So moral of the story is... uhhh... don't let your insecurities (in my case outer dork) stop you from trying new shit. Sometimes you gotta have a Kanye confidence about yourself. 

O O T D ft. I Y A I J E B U

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So  I love a good crop top. And body-con never does me wrong. So when Iya Ijebu (Ee-yah  Ee-jeh-boo) reached out to me to review one of their pieces I was happy to say "yes!" And I thought to myself... "Why talk about it when I can show this baby off!"

Iya Ijebu  (Ee-yah  Ee-jeh-boo) is a luxury retail store whose goal is to provide specially made clothing for Nigerian Women.They have plenty of high quality clothing and accessories for the inner "Naija" in you. And though I'm not of Nigerian decent I was definitely feeling myself in the dress!

The piece I'm wearing is called the "Oyin" Two Piece Bustier Dress and is amazing in quality! The dress is heavy but some how very light weight on the body.  The material is the right amount of snug. so I felt SNATCHED instead of suffocated. The cups in the top gives enough room for me to "flourish" but is tight in the right places. I've never had a body constricting dress this comfortable and fit this well.

D R E S S  I' M  W E A R I N G:
(i'm wearinf a size small)

They offer FREE shipping for the USA and the UK!

I F I C O U L D, I W O U L D

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Honestly who needs therapy when your shirt says it all? 
 Wither Wisp Top 
 Choies Coat 
XXI boots 

This tee has to be my favorite novelty buy as a functioning adult. This entire looks is an ode to the eclectic wide-eyed girl who started this blog way too long ago. If I had a flexible lifestyle and a bevy of graphic coats, over the top shoes and graphic tees this would be an everyday thing. But alas, I don't get to express myself this way anymore. Working full-time has stifled the creativity in the slightly off/edgy department. And to be frank I miss it!

I know you're probably thinking "That's what weekends are for!" And you'd be right if I actually had somewhere to go/wasn't clinging to sweats and cotton tees on my days off. So I'll continue to day dream about the OOTD's that never were and just leave this here.



This bomber has got to be my favorite thing in my closet right now. I'm literally going to have to find it in a lighter color so that I can wear come springtime. 

This look is as basic as it gets but that's where I've been living lately. Less is easier and a always good fit. So when my lovely BF got me out of bed for an impromptu day of shooting this was the first thing I threw on. We spent time finding places to shoot for that day and making notes for future looks. He got a lot of great shots as per usual -- just wishing I could post them all. I guess these will do for now!


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Late last year I decided to start working and out and eating healthy. We all know how that goes. It's a rollercoaster for someone with lazy tendencies and little self control when it comes to food. So as the new year began I decided that building up my at home workout set up was key to staying on track.

When I do go to the gym I focus less on cardio and more on weight and strength training. I'm not a pro or a muscle head or anything trust me. When I don't make it to the gym what has been helpful lately are these TKO 4-Way Resistant Bands. Not only does the tension adjustability gives a great abs, arms, and back workout, if I wrap them around a bar -- in my case my bed post -- I can get in some squats. 

I tend to unintentionally focus on legs at the gym so this is a smart and easy upper body workout I know I will get. And the best thing about having a good workout at home is being able to blast my music throughout the house while I do it!

TKO has tons of other innovative at home workout gear for those of us who get to busy (or lazy) to make it to the gym. Check them out!