January 28, 2016

One of the first blogs I started reading when I start this one forever ago was Aimee Song's blog Song of Style. What got me hooked was her style. It was California with a bit of an edge -- the girl knew the power of a good bootie and denim shorts. Not only did I love her fun tone of voice but her phrase "Aimeeways"made the creative writer in me love her even more. She was super sweet and as she kept blogging I kept reading. Since then both online and in person Ms. Song's vibes and personality have never changed.

When Aimee announced her collaboration with the nail polish brand Formula X  I had to get myself to Sephora and support. I picked up Nude For You which is described as “The ultimate universal nude that elongates your fingers.” And let me say it did not disappoint! I'm a nail polish lover and hoarder which means I'm constantly buying, coveting and eventually tossing nail polish. Recently I've gotten strict with the quality of my polish and this one meets all of my criteria:

1. Not too thin and not too thick: The formula apply smooth and this color only requires two coats but you can totally get away with one.

2. Fast to Dry: Two coats dries in 4-5 minutes. I found out after brushing my nails against my over the knee boots that I don't have to do the my nails are wet dance for an hour waiting for this polish to dry. And it passes the pillow/mattress imprint test. Went to sleep 30 minutes after applying the polish worried about imprints from sheets and woke up the next day with them still in tact/

3. High Shine: I've applied this twice since purchasing and opted out of top coat both times. Going on day 3 of the second application and my nails are still shining!

4. Chipping: Made it through washing pots and pans and only chipped at the tips after full house Sunday scrubbing.

5. Color: Aimee created this as a universal nude color and I agree. The color looks great on fairer skin tones such as hers and still looks great on a deeper tone like mine. All nudes aren't created equal but Nude For You is!

If any of you were thinking about picking up one of these colors go for it! With that said, Aimee you did an amazing job with this collaboration -- I've tested the others in store and they look just as good. I've got a ride or die nude polish now and that's just one more reason to love you!

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