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It's February and that means it's Black History Month, as well and American Heart Month, and the two actually go hand in hand for me. 49% of African American women ages 20 or older  have heart disease. At 23 years old and high blood pressure running thick on my father's side of the family I'm definitely at risk.

 Researchers have found that there may be a gene that makes African-Americans more sensitive to the effects of salt, which in turn increases the risk for developing high blood pressure. And if you've been to any of my aunt's houses on a Sunday you know there is not shortage of sodium. Being able to connect those dots to my self is why I go for yearly checkup to make sure everything is running smoothly.

But it isn't just salt high blood pressure that can contribute. Smoking, diabetes, lack of exercise and cholesterol can play into the development of heart disease.  And since smoking isn't my style, I focus on a healthier eating habits (which is HARD) and looking into my family health history to know what lifestyle choices to avoid.

Hopefully you'll do the same for yourself.  Macy's has done their part in raising awareness as a founding national sponsor of the American Heart Association. Every February they launch the Go Red For Women campaign featuring "red" items by designers like Calvin Klein and active wear brand Ideology to bring awareness and funds to the cause of women’s heart health. This all results in research and education that is helping to save 275 lives every day. So as individuals (not just women or even African-Americans), we should make sure we do our part by check up on ourselves and our loved ones.

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