Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Mini Letter Necklace  - Hanes Sweater - Thrifted Jacket - XXI Boots (Available in Grey)- LB Bouti...

Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Mini Letter Necklace - Hanes Sweater - Thrifted Jacket - XXI Boots (Available in Grey)- LB Boutique Bag

So apparently I'm a mailman. I only say this because I was out shooting this outfit after running some errands and it was raining 60% of the time. I handled it like a champ. If this were a challenge on ANTM (shame on you if didn't automatically decode that acronym), Tyra would be proud. 

Granted it was only drizzling — and I can't speak for sleet since it doesn't rain here in SoCal — but it all makes me feel pretty bossy. 

This "V" necklace has been a favorite of mine this month. Not sure if that's because of the delicacy of the piece or the vanity that comes with of wearing my own initial. I've always been the girl to wear my significant other's initials or a mixture of the two (You can add multiple letters to the necklace btw). So when Maya Brenner contacted me to pick a piece from her signature Maya Brenner design I decided to make this one all about me. One of the things I love is that I can layer it with some of my longer necklace as well as shorter ones because the asymmetrical design makes it so pendants don't clash. I can say I made the right choice because I barely take it off. Fun fact: If you wan't a personalized necklace of your own but don't want to wait you can pick one up at any J. Crew.

I'm currently working on a project for the upcoming month for this blog so my post for January may be a bit sparse. I apologize. You know because everyone is so desperately checking their feeds for R.A.R updates. I kid. I kid. If my dollop of sarcasm has escaped any readers so far I'm sorry. This may explain some of the humor in my past post.

Any who, expect something different for the month of February. *insert winky face emoji*

Happy Styling

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