Hat: Scala - Skirt: XXI - Boots: Bakers  - Coat: Chicwish Roses : Boots |  Violets : Cat Grpahic T-Shirt It may not l...

Hat: Scala - Skirt: XXI - Boots: Bakers  - Coat: Chicwish

Roses: Boots | Violets: Cat Grpahic T-Shirt

It may not look like it but LA had a huge storm yesterday. Rain is our version of snow so we love and loathe it while we have it. It's how we know the holidays are here and winter is around the corner. 

This is my SoCal version of a rainy day look: Over sized shirt, skirt cut appropriately to trend, thigh high boots and a rain hat (you know to protect the hair). TBH I don't know where my umbrella is at the moment so these Scala hats that were sent over to me and a good hoodie have been doing the trick. 

I can appreciate a good hat. I've recently started getting my hair done professionally again after 2 years of natural curls, so water and I have recently unfriended each other. Added bonus: these fit my huge head, I had several different colors to choose from -- which meant my outfits don't have to take a nose dive just because it's raining and a purple daisy design is my only option. 

Also, I'm not sure I plan on gathering the energy to hunt for said umbrella so I'm fine with being a hat person for now. 

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