Flats-to-go that take up no space in my bag and are honestly as comfy as fluffy socks.

Winter has somehow become my favorite season. I've grown to love the white hues and softer fabrics that come with the colder months. Although it's not winter just yet I'm anticipating cozy weather and a warmer wardrobe change. 

It's actually the time when my love of tights and socks really comes out. How else am I going to maintain my love for thigh length shorts and skirts? Knee high socks are my trick to not looking like a scene from Pretty Woman.

Since it's about time to hang up the tank tops here in LA I was pleased when the brand Kushyfoot sent over some of their footwear pieces. I instantly fell for the knee highs. I was happy to add their perfectly opaque knee highs to my collection of tights. Not to mention quiet the sexy pair with a fishnet design.

Each of the items feature a comfortable sole. It's all the padding without the constant adjusting of an individual sole. My love for a good flat was elevated by the extra padding in their low cut foot covers (found here). And with the holidays coming around I'll be putting the shape wear to the test √† la food vs shaping tights!

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