Skirt: H&M - Shoes: H&M - Backpack: Thrifted - Necklace: [will update]

This gym shirt-full skirt combo was an accident. I was changing into the skirt and still had the top on from sleeping in it and mid swap the combo looked nice to me (btw I hadn't worked out in the shirt prior that would be gross). But it was more than nice... it was familiar. For a quick second I remembered what inspired me about clothing and how it felt to get dressed before I lost my lust. It was those clean/serious looks with a little bit of mess that - and i say this in my best Tim Gun voice - made it work. 

I guess I had been trying to find my way back by trying to put together looks I imagined would look great yet relevant. On top of that hopping into a pair of heels was like a hellish fever dream due to a new mentally tiring life schedule. The struggle became trend over comfort and it took a hasty morning routine pajama change to realize my comfort comes from being a bit off. It was never the idea of my shoes hurting or having enough time to get dressed before work. 

From here on out I've got to keep in mind that my style is kinda like a mullet.... business in the front party in the back!

Happy Styling

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