Throat Coat
Unreal Fur Casual Jacket Fire And Ice Faux Fur Jacket - Givenchy Ivory, gray and black ombre feather jacket - Givenchy Turtleneck Open Front Sweater - Lucas Nascimento Women's Knitted Fur Sweater - Lanvin Fine-knit wool turtleneck sweater

Its become an unbearable below 50 degrees here where I live and I can only dream in fur, sweaters and turtlenecks. I've had the thought that my reaction to temp is just because it is my first winter in my new place. I've even asked several of my friends if it would be appropriate to bust out my fluffy coat. And they all have given me the same "Sure! Why not?" response. The only thing stopping me is the possibility of it turning out to be 75+ degrees and looking like an idiot. 

And pertaining to the collage, Givenchy is defintiely hitting the spot. I mean look at the grey turtleneck cut out.  It's amazing! It will definitely have me lusting all until the weather is warm again.  

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