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Arielle of Something Navy is one blogger that you can't really categorize. Her posts are like snowflakes "no two are alike."...

Arielle of Something Navy is one blogger that you can't really categorize. Her posts are like snowflakes "no two are alike." One day shes a sophisicated fashionista and the next she is dark but cool. Her endless collection of shoes and mix of textures/patterns is what keeps you coming back to see what she will wear next. Her pictures aren't SLR perfect like most blog famous boys and girls and that makes her blog differentLuckily Arielle was nice enough to do a Q & A for Roses are Red. I hope you enjoy because her answers are just as quirky as he style.

Name & Age
A. Arielle, 23 years old

Where do you wake up in the morning (city)?
A. My boyfriends APT or mine. The city, yes.

Where do you clock in or answer to attendance?
A. Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Singer22 and every other day my blog.

What do you do/ study?
A. Fashion Blogger

When and why did you start your wonderful blog?
A. Uncertainty with who I was, needed an outlet to express my feelings. Writing, styling, photography.

How did you come up with the name?
A. I loved the color navy so I wanted to incorporate that into the title, so I kept saying "something navy...something navy..."

Do family and friends know about your blog?
A. Yes, of course, they are the ones who encouraged me.

If you could, what dream job would you trade your blog for?
A. To work with NASA, an astronaut.

What blogs are on your blog roll?
A. Knightcat, Trop Rouge, FashionLane

Who are you fashion icons (a male and a female)
A. I don't have any. :)

When did you get sucked into the world of fashion and all its glory?
A. When I was a little girl and got my first pair of high heels. High heels meaning 1 inch.

Describe your style
A. Indescribable, changes every day, I change my outfit at least four times a day.


What are your daily inspirations for style?
A. My mood, what I'm going through in life, my feelings.

First pair of high heels (describe)
A. Red and sparkly! I loved the Wizard of OZ.

Quick you have to throw away all your clothes and keep one item for an unlimited shopping spree, what would keep?

Recent Splurge
A. Prada beige flats.

Recent Save
A. A Dolce and Gabbana skirt.

When you are logged off what are you doing?
A. Shopping, hanging out with my friend, watching scary movies, going out with friends and family.

Top 3 songs on your iPod
 1. Lovers Carvings - Biblio
2. Britney Spears
3. Pete Yorn - Sleep Better


One food you could live on
A. Whole wheat toasted everything bagels and cream cheese and iced coffee.

Favorite Movie
A. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If you were a super villain what would your name be? (something creative)
A. Super Weirdo?

A random fact about yourself
A. I'm a huge science nerd and obsessed with space and the earth

One trend you wish would go away
A. Ombre

One trend prediction
A. Terrible with this... :/

What’s in your bag?
A. My moleskin, Kiehls lip gloss, my blackberry and my callet, (http://www.thecallet.com), 
my ipod, a book of crossword puzzles (for my commutes), my sunglasses, 
a bottle of smart water, and gum.

Your # 1 fashion Do and Don’t.
A. Fashion Don't: Sweatpants and trends, Fashion Do: Dress as unique/crazy as possible.

Thank you so much to Arielle for taking time and answering my silly questions. Your style is exceptional and i hope people love this post as much as i loved putting it together. If you haven't checked out Something Navy do so now. I promise you will love it!

Happy Styling

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