Today started off very great because two of my best friends came by and we spent the afternoon together. We went to the mall and had some quality girl time just talkin about random things and trying on shoes.  I happened to find a pair that I am now obsessed with (will do a usual shoe obsession post later).

We looked through endless amounts of ring bowls in a Forever 21 and decided to give up after fifteen minutes of accessory soul searching when the last thing i picked up got me excited. It was the imfamous cross ring that is pretty much sold out and being sold ebay for waaaaayyy to much. Which i foolishly almost gave up and bought one for twenty dollars with free shipping.

So here are the pictures to celebrate my find....

I always have bow issues lol
Top: H&M
Jeans: Idk... will check and edit
Necklace: Handmade by my friends mother
Black ring (used to be silver): Forever 21
Bow: A waist tie from a long time ago
Glasses: 3D from theaters
Cross ring: Forever 21

Happy Styling

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