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So i was recently blessed with my first interview with the wonderful mind behind Swank Heights , Juely Thuy Le . I stu...

So i was recently blessed with my first interview with the wonderful mind behind Swank Heights, Juely Thuy Le.

I stumbled onto her blog a little while ago and she has been qiute a bit of inspriration in my life. Her blog is a must read from each amazing pic taken to every word written. She has a great personality to go along with her great sense of style that will keep you checking for up dates....

Name & Age
Juley, 23

Where do you wake up in the morning ?New Orleans, LA

Where do you clock in or answer to attendance ?
I just graduated from college and am working on a few new projects that will pay the bills before my career starts in the summer.

What do you do, or what do you study?I studied Finance in undergrad and will pursue management consulting as a career after graduate school.

When and why did you start your wonderful blog?
Last September but I began updating frequently in December. I started it because I wanted to document random moments in my life as well as refine my style.

How did you come up with the name?
Last summer, I did an internship in Petoskey, Michigan and stayed at this beautiful lake where Ernest Hemingway grew up. After work and relaxing on a float boat, I wanted something with the word Swanky – to describe the lifestyle I want to live. Then immediately Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights came to mind. Thus, SwankHeights was born.

Do family and friends know about your blog?
Just my best friends who appreciate fashion…it’s a bit unnerving to tell others.

If you could, what dream job would you trade your blog for?
I would love to have my own fashion website or be a fashion consultant!

Whose blog do you check first each login?

Who is your fashion icon? male and female
M: Andre 3000 because he’s dope.
F: Olsen Twins because they’re never boring.

When did you get sucked into the world of fashion and all its glory?
I would love to say that I’ve loved fashion since I was a girl, but I’m relatively new to this world. I never appreciated fashion until reading a Xanga blog of someone I admired. We became friends when I invited her to attend a show with me during NY fashion week last fall. She has lived an amazing life from working at Chanel to traveling the world with her art dealer fiancĂ©. She embodies style and is the sweetest thing, ever!

Describe your style
I like simple colors – grays, blacks, khaki – and lots of texture. I like to take risks but like to stay sophisticated because I’m getting older.

What are your daily inspirations for style?
Mainly personal blogs for d.i.y. projects and streetwear blogs for layering inspiration

First pair of heels
On a trip to Chicago for my twenty-first birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a pair of bluish/gray suede Cole Haan Mary Janes. I was eyeing them for months but couldn’t spend $250 on a pair of shoes! Little did he know, he started my shoe addiction. He’s going “d’oh” as we speak.

Favorite Desginer
Lanvin for their consistency and structural pieces, but I’m loving Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair more and more each day.

Quick you have to throw away all your clothes and keep one item for an unlimited shopping spree, what would keep?Alexander McQueen pointed toe suede booties! I wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere for the price I paid.

Recent SplurgeDolce Vita Calista wedges!

Recent SaveBCBG booties for $30 at Marshall’s

When you logged off what are you doing?
Hanging with the boyfriend.

Top 10 songs on you Ipod?Lil Wayne’s The Carter III

One food you could live on
La Boulangerie’s delicious and flaky ciabatta bread...some yummy aged provolone would be great too!

Favorite Movie
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

If you were a super Villian what would your name be?The Swanker? haha

A random fact about yourself
I enjoy skydiving.

One trend you wish would go away
Cleavage exposing dresses

One trend you wish would come back
I don’t know if they were ever in for girls, but I’m looking for a French cuff shirt and some nice cufflinks to go with it.

Whats in you bag?
Sephora nude lipstick, Sephora clear lip gloss, cell phone, MJ coin pouch, Moschino clutch, and random to-do lists. Sometimes I have random things like scotch tape.

Your # 1 fashion Do and Don’t
Do take risks, but don’t wear an obscene amount of neon

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