In my  last skincare related post   I mentioned learning what works as I get older. I'm not headed into my 30s or anything but I will...

In my last skincare related post I mentioned learning what works as I get older. I'm not headed into my 30s or anything but I will be 24 this year and I've got to get a start on this stuff. Recently, I found certain problem areas. I've also seen my skin go from dry to a combination of oily and dry after a few years of wearing makeup. So finding the right products that will take care of each little aspect can be tedious.

Lindi Lip Balm: I use as a pre-lip product moisturizer. It makes my lips feel like pillows and assures my lips are crack free which is key when wearing the daring lip colors I tend to gravitate toward.
Products c/o Lindi Skin

I've added the Lindi Skin Face Serum + Lip Balm + Face Wash + Eye Hydrator to my routine. And to be honest I didn't expect them to make such a big difference in such a short amount of time. The kit works together to keep my skin smooth and cleansed. 

Take my under eyes for example. Over the past year I've developed dry patches underneath my eyes. Lotions and moisturizers only acted temporarily and they would be dry again a few hours later. So when I saw the Lindi Eye Hydrator I had little hope that this would be able to penetrate the situation. To my surprise after one application my eyes felt really hydrated — with a bit of the dry texture lingering. BUT after the second use it was like butter! It's been almost three weeks and that dry feeling has yet to resurface (and I haven't had to apply it much since). I'm just gonna go ahead and say "Holy Grail" because it's solved one of peskiest problems within a week. 

Like I said earlier makeup has changed the condition of my skin so confiding in a daily cleansing routine is key. The Lindi Face Wash and Face Serum have been the perfect duo. The light weight face wash is a great soap alternative that cleanses to balance the PH balance and rid of dirt.  The face serum comes right behind and puts the moisture back into my skin and leaves it that way all day. I went a whole day feeling my face (which is a skin care sin I know, I know!) and my face felt as soft and smooth as it did that morning. 

Actually the results shouldn't be so shocking if you consider the products background. Lindi Skin was originally created as a skin care line for cancer patients undergoing treatments. If you are familiar with chemo, radiation, and other therapies you know it comes with skin related side effects (dry skin, itchy skin, hyper pigmentation, photosensitivity - tendency to sunburn easily, and rashes). The twelve items in the Lindi Skin line takes on those side effects. The brand prides itself on making smart ingredient choices considering what you put on your skin get's absorbed into your body. And what's exceptional enough to safely restore the skin of cancer patients is bound to work miracle on other's. So as my skin care regime develops these will definitely remain within it.

I was also given a special code for my readers. If you purchase any items with the code BLOG25 you can receive 25% off and free shipping — this last until May 31st. Also any purchase made until then Lindi Skin will be donating to the American Cancer Society's "Look Good Feel Better" program. 

Note: This post contains a product review  for which I was compensated or gifted.

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