Jumpsuit: eShakti

Roses: Jumpsuit | Violets: Cat Ears

As cliche as it may sound, Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite classic movie. But cliche be damned, I have a genuine attraction her whimsical, carefree mystery. 

This up do and wondering vibe I had while shooting this look gave my heavy Holly Golightly vibes. As someone who has been watching the classic since before she could multiply and carry the two (I saw and fell in love with Singing In The Rain in Kindergarten) this is a cool feeling. 

This eShakti jumpsuit I customized is something I feel Audrey Hepburn's infamous character would wear window shopping (or a quick trip Sing-Sing. I don't judge). I was able make it one of a kind by choosing the neckline, adjusting to my measurement and my favorite part...making it sleeveless. 

While the floral print is pretty sophisticated, the jumpsuit design brings it back down to earth — much like Holly. I believe she would have worn it zipped up with a batch of pearls but I went for zipped down and belted at the waist.  We can call the cat ears a nod to the stolen mask scene from the film. This whole look is a mixture of a classic that I love so well. No "mean reds" here. Just a lot of beautiful blue.

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