Everyday Swing Cami: Stylez  - Pants: Thrifted  -Shoes & Bag: C.R. - Anchor Charm Bracelet - Swell Caroline   - Jeweled Brac...

Everyday Swing Cami: Stylez - Pants: Thrifted  -Shoes & Bag: C.R. - Anchor Charm Bracelet - Swell Caroline  - Jeweled Bracelet - XXI

In honor of the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls every fan donned pink on the Wednesday it fell on. LetI me just say that I'm not one to flaunt around in the girliest shade to grace the color wheel. I'm more of the black, black and more black kind of girl but I've had these pants for a while and this day was their debut. 

*cue awkward/ slighty off moments that are my life* 

Truth is I didn't plan on wearing pink for this purpose. I just happened to finally find the right shirt to pair with them. The universe works in mysterious ways because my whole internship office was filled rose, barbie and orchid pinks. But despite my brush with luck I would like credit for being aware of the monumental pop cultural date. Before this coincidence I had read my fair share of "10 Facts You Didn't Know" and "Where Are They Now" article in honor of the movie. I'm hip, I know what's fetch!

And with that corny line I bid you adieu... (and that was even cornier!) 

Happy Styling

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