PHOTOS COURTESY OF:  Man Repeller Instagram, Charlotte Olympia, Pintrest. I think we're getting a bit out of "hand&q...

PHOTOS COURTESY OF:  Man Repeller Instagram, Charlotte Olympia, Pintrest.

I think we're getting a bit out of "hand" with these bag choices. See what I did there? With the pun? huh? no? Alright, you can't say I didn't try. Anyways, I was going through my Instagram and spotted some shots from the Kate Spade F/W '14 collection and immediately the Chinese take-out like bag caught my eye. I was so ecstatic I made sure everyone in my office caught it too.

But it got me thinking... does this mean that we're sticking with not taking fashion too seriously? I think the trend of layering pants underneath skirts was a sign of that (I'm still dying to try btw). But I'm hoping so because mixing two different patterns just wasn't enough for me (I had been doing that since 12th grade).

Let me make it clear that by fun I don't mean Jeremy Scott fun. Don't get me wrong, he's a creative god but his pieces can be a too fun. I like my style quirkiness subtle.

With that said, I can however get down with a bag disguised as other things. The Kate Spade looks like its made of leather – not of an actual cardboard take-out box, thank God. I'm hoping more pieces like this pop up in shows this week to feed my sudden fetish.

I WOULD say it's a shame this beauty isn't available until Fall '14 but even when the season hits I still won't be about to get my hands on it financially... if you know what i mean. I think it's just good to know pieces like this can aid me in stepping out of my comfort zone in 2014!

*Disclaimer - I'm a bit rusty at content creating so please excuse me if this is a bit here and there. I intend to implement articles like this into the blog in between outfit post. I want to grow with my site and I've been wanting to give readers a bit of my voice outside of explain why I picked blue scarf over a red one. Plus I figured I got to preserve my immaculate journalistic skills some how (that was sarcasm). So expect these "articles" from now on. Also, feel free to email me or leave in the comments any lifestyle and fashion related topics/thoughts so they can possibly be poorly executed here (kind of sorta sarcasm).  FTW: unfortunately this humor will be coming along with the written word.*

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