Shirt: H&M - Skirt: F21 - Sneakers: H&M - Hat: Birthday Gift :)

So yesterday I played the part of failed bond girl... okay not really but i was a on a mission that so failed. The combination of the insane heat, my lack of knowledge of the area and an unpredictable GPS app brought me to my imminent failure. I had planned to run a quick errand and then go to a YouTube get together with the lovely Amy from Vagabond Youth. Because the errand was never completed I went home because the heat had already tired me out and time was basically up.

Any who this hat has come in handy this summer so get use to me styling this baby multiple days. Also this background will be reoccurring for the next 4 weeks. I am crashing at my brothers place and the front yard of the condo is perfect for photos. I'll get around to shooting in several spots so you can see what I mean. 

Happy Styling

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