Wednesday: Blue Skies and Nice Weather

 Shoes: H&M - Pants: Thrifted - Top: DIY - Necklace: Thrifted

 Had a DIY weekend the other day and ended up making this gem today.

 As you can see from the exposure of these photos today was a sunny sunny day. After a week of windy weather this got me excited. I could barely believe I was able to walk around without a sweater.

I have not been obsessing over anything this week except my upcoming Spring Break trip. I should be packing right now but I yet to get out my duffle bag and commence with sorting, washing, and such. My roommates are so busy with classes that they have yet to do any packing either. We will see where the next few days takes us (hopefully into gear and on the road). I will be sure to post on Friday night/Sat morning and let you guys know more about the trip. For some reason I like the idea of keeping it a secret until I take off. See you then and more photos from the trip soon after.

Do you guys have anything planned for spring break? If so share in the comments i would love to here them!

Happy Styling

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