Big News... Not

I've gotten a majority of the work done that is due this week. I have been incessantly complaining about having to attend class the week before finals. And I know you all are tired of hearing me complain about the my quick post due to school related obligations. But Summer is upon us so that means (hopefully) my post will be filled with quality written work. Are you guys even ready for my lengthy worded post again?

 Top/Pants/Shoes/Pants/Necklace/Cross Ring: Forever21 - Green & Orange Ring: Downtown L.A - Watch: Gifted

 This bun has become my default hairstyle...

I have some big news but I am so scared of jinxing it by blabbing away about it. Don't you hate when bloggers say things like that; I mean why mention it then. And yet I still progress with this post and add that tidbit. When I get more solid conformation I will definitely let you guys know more and even let you in on the planning portion of it

Happy Styling

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