As Time Passes By...

So lately time has been flying buy. I barely have time to look up from all the school work and worrying about my year will look like next year to spend time with friends and family. Luckily with school going so rapidly family understands my lack of appearance back and home and the Boyfriend and I promised to spend at least one day a week together no matter what. Hopefully I get all my assignments turned in an submit some articles to the school paper before the end of the month (a little something to cushion my portfolio).

Yesterday while running errands with my roommate I noticed that it was the last day the Borders' in here where i live would be open. Everything was $1 so we decided to take a peak in a see what we could grab. We had seen some thing earlier that week but we were holding out for a sale like this. Well when we went inside there was nothing but wedding planners and inspirational books by CEO left (oh and a book written by 'The Situation'). Luckily I was able to find the Kelly Cutrone book I had my eye on and the Rhianna photography book I saw online but never picked up. So I took them to the counter and walked away feeling like a thief.

Total: $2.19

I will also leave you with some food porn. I stayed with my Step-mom during spring break which was the week of her birthday. We celebrated at Benihana the night of. It was delicious and I am now salivating as I post these photos

Happy Styling

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