Shoulder Pads

So do you guys remember during the summer i mentioned that I was sewing a few things. Well this is one of my finish products. Its a blue/green top with pleated shoulders. When I sewed the top and it reminded me of a hospital scrub top so had to figure out a way to make it look a little different. And after a couple of minutes of playing with collar ideas i decided to do something with the shoulders and this is what I got.
 Before this I had never done anything with pleats so im seriously proud of myself trying something different

Top: By Me
Capris: Levi
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Venice Beach
Earrings: Forever21

How do you guys like the new layout? I know its not much but i like to keep it simple.
P.S. im still looking for more Qs for my Q and A post, so ask away lol. 

Happy Styling

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