Purple Just For You

October 20, 2010

Im sure you guys have heard about the gay teens/students who committed suicide because of redicule at home and school. Well today is the purple campaign in honor of them. Everyone is encouraged to wear some kind of purple today. The last article I did for my University paper was about gay suicides and what to do when something this comes up. It was an eye opening experience just writing the paper. It made me realize that just because Im a heterosexual it doesn't mean I should not be aware of whats going among my homosexual peers.

I actually had a completely different outfit  planned for today but I decided to take out this shirt and support. Some of my co-workers were not even aware but my campus was full of purple. If you didn't know i hope you grab a purple article of clothing before you head out to show you care!

Top: Gift
Jeans: Levi
Shoes: Forever21
Scarf: New York and Company

Happy Styling

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