French Love Stories

Today has been a day of me running around from place to place. I had promised myself an early morning and a trip to the gym but that was a failure. I ended up getting out of bed at 11am and going to brunch with my roommate. Later on we ended up watching a DVD with several short french films centered around love. A lot of the little stories were really well directed and did a lot in the little time they had to showcase.

As of right now we are watching Vicky Christina Barcelona. I love this movie. The story is beautiful. Well I'm off to let my nails dry (i bought a bunch of new polish) and fold laundry before I head to bed I've got a busy day tomorrow. I'll post soon, so until then here is something I wore earlier this week.
Hubby says these pictures make my legs look my opinion they are long and he just likes calling me short lol.
 Top: Moms Closet
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Mossino
Necklace: My Friends Mom Made
Cross Ring: Forever21
Tiger Ring: Thrifted
Hello Kitty: Random
Glasses: 3D glasses

Happy Styling

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