200 Wow Thats A Lot

Wow this is my 200th post. Isnt it amazing when you look back at your blog how much you've done and how much you've written. Crazy right? I thought i would have more to say but i dont. I guess i will save it for my blog's second anniversary coming up soon. 

Anywho i won a contest just before the semester ended at Uni. It was held by the wonderful J'Adore Fashion. I must first apologize to her for not posting these earlier. These super chic lace socks were my prize (arent they cute). With moving out of the dorms and wanting find the right way to display them i realized its been a while since I recieved them in the mail. So I took my camera and after a lot of trying in rooms in my house I settled for the den (with great lighting) So here they are without further a do...

Check Sock Theory out! They have stuff for every kind of personality.
Im loving the over the knee kind myself

I love them and please dont think otherwise....Im a bad blogger I know

Skirt: Forever21
Top: Forever21

Vi from Cali