Heys guys! how has your week been so far... I mean its almost over so there should be a up side to it by now? Lately i've been looking a...

Heys guys! how has your week been so far... I mean its almost over so there should be a up side to it by now? Lately i've been looking at the brighter side of things. In one of my classes i've been having trouble with the teacher's bizare instructions. The communication (or lack there of) has been stressing me and bringing me down. It got to a point a few weeks ago that i had to wipe a few tears away (privately). Sitting in the class I really wanted nothing more but to storm out and forget about the classes for a few days.

Two things stopped me:
 1. being that it was a class setting and it would not look well on my part.
2. The class is for my major so sticking to it is a must.

I sure you know that when you are frustrated to the point of any amount of tears (even a few drops like me) there seems to be no upside. At that moment my first instinct was to text a friend and tell her what happenend and get moral support. Then i started to think about my mother and what she would have done if she were alive. Knowing my mother she would have thought fuck it and continued with the class. She would have answered every question and made sure it right just to show that she wasnt having any other troubles that phased her.

And thats exactly what i did! The teacher was impressed with all the questions i answered and i got a test scoreback that was one of the highest in the class. Which shows that you cant let a moment get in the way of your whole day. I tend to be one who sulks in a moment and let it ruin the majority of my day. This particular low point helped me realize that none of that is neccessary if you make the situation better. There no use of walking under a dark cloud!

There were more photos but these to me were enough to tell the story of this outfit.

As you might have guessed the shorts caught alot of attention but it was worth it at
 the end of the day because now I can be fearless when it comes to alot of outfits I think up.
Shirt: Burlington's
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Forever 21
Sweater: Meryvns
Bracelets: Forever 21

The morning of this outfit all i knew was that wanted to wear shorts lol. And Im currently listening to my music player and its playing all the right songs, you ever have that happen?

How are your weeks going? Were there any rough patches that you had to get over? How did you get over them?

Thanks to all of your for the lovely comments! Come back anytime! I havent gotten around to visiting blogs but i will get on that a.s.a.p

Happy Styling

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