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In the car all bundled up I decorated my phone with Sparkles. You Like? Top:T-Shirt Shop In LA- Skirt: Charlotte Russ...

In the car all bundled up
I decorated my phone with Sparkles. You Like?

Top:T-Shirt Shop In LA- Skirt: Charlotte Russe- Scarf:Unknown- Tights:Target- Shoes:Wet Seal- Jacket: Thrift Store in VictorVill- Bracelt: Jessica Simpson- Glasses: Bebe

Im trying to get in as many post as i can before the new year. And since I am home for the holidays there isnt much dressing up. Alot of lounging around and i hate that part about vacation from school. School has always been my runway and now that i am in college experimentation is endless. OH! but there is a bright side to being on vacation from Uni... Bubble Baths. I cant remember that last time i took a bubble bath. In the dorms its strictly showers (and flip flops).

I dressed up for Christmas but as you know from the last post i deleted the photos from our night out at the skating rink. Argh that still makes my stomach churn. Hopefully New Years brings reason to dress up.

Speaking of New Years I've been trying to figure out my resolutions. Isnt it something about this time of year and this tradition that make you feel ready.... Sometimes you dont know what for but your ready. We make our list and go over them. We brag to our friends about how we are gonna stick this out (i.e. no junk food, stop smoking, losing wieght). Then we ring in the New Year feeling so fired up. Its like some an annual high. And come April (the lucky few who make it that far) we cant remember why we made those resolutions. Bragging to our friends about how stupid they were in the first place.

We should really call them New Years Possibilties. I do commend the one who follow through on thier resolution. Even getting half way is a resolution it self... did that make any sense? Maybe we should all be assigned a Designated Resolution person. Someone who makes sure on track with your list. WAIT!!! maybe thats the fun of writing the resolutions. Could it be we make them just to see how far we get. Maybe we make them and anticipate that glutinous affiar with a box of pizza and Hagen Daas and the end of it. Or maybe for the ride it takes us on.

Im working on mine right now and I will have them in the next post.  What are yours for 2010?

Happy Styling

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