You Breakin My Focus

How SICK is this bag? I love it
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So my vacation has offically started and its so so. Ive wokin up to a sore throat that leaves me half capable to talk. I had such luck with thrift store shopping. I got a skirt in my favorite print (cheetah) and i a kick ass jumper that fits like a glove. Cant wait to show you pictures and tell how much i paid. OHHHH did anybody see the Beyonce "Video Phone" music video with Lady Gaga? At first Lady Gaga seemed out of place with the song but i ended up loving it all. And my favorite part about the  whole video is that she is chewing gum. I LOVE B!!!

Also thanks for everyone for following. Just the fact that you take interest in my little blog is wonderful. Let me know if you wanna swap links, follow, or both. The more the merrier (Holiday talk hehe)

 I plan on catching up on Mtv shows online today while i wash clothes and do some homework. i know this sounds sooooo boring but hey its the holidays. Speaking of the holidays i am so excited for the freakin christmas commercials. Thats my favorite part of this time. Second is driving to see christmas lights.

What are your favorite parts about the holidays?

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Happy Styling & Thanksgiving

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