A Then The Sunrises...

Just a quick post before i head to the valley. So the beginning of my week was pretty hectic. Not to many good days. I havent posted in a few days but ive been keeping up with the lovely comments and all of your blogs. Thank you so much for wishing my hubby well. He is better now. He actually came by last night to cheer me up because i wasnt feeling to good myself.

Today im headed to the valley with my step-mom. So I know i will have fun. Here is today's outfit(I have a belt on to create a skirt top look because the dress is originally straight see here ). I promise to post more frequently O:]

Click To Enlarge Do like our pumpkin and halloween candle... My suitmates mom sent stuff to decorate! (and to snack on lol)

Jacket: Hot Kiss (Diy Cut up)
Dress: Forever 21
Shoe: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: 17th Birthday Present from my Mother

What are your weekend plans?
well whatever they are...

Happy Styling

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