Maternal Love

So Im out here in the middle no where visitng my mother... well i can tcall it no where because they have a forever21!!! love its... i should have a loyal customer card lol.

Ne who but im up here visitng my mom before i get to busy with Uni and stuff you know. I have so many updates that i will fill you in on soon once i get back to the LA area but heres it is in words can you believe im doing this post from the local library.. its been a while since i hung in a library. i used to be in them all the time as a kid... now i do Borders and Barnes& Nobles

Got a new Cell
I bought a great Bag
I bought a nice Body Con dress.. black btw
I am soon to get these great sneakers at this shoe store
I raided my moms closet (as you kow when i come down from visiting her i always come out with some awesome piece from her closet)
um... oh and i was tagged by Ella Elbo

6 Things that make me happy

1. My Hubby

2. Food
3. Reality T.V.

4. Forever21

5. A Day at Barnes & Noble/Borders

I tag....
Marverick Malone

Fashion Chalet

Blinding Bright Lights

Qin At the Disco

Mode Junkie

Thank you for the awesome comments(will return the a.s.a.p)

i will be back in full force soon

Happy styling

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