I Wanna Make Worth The Fight... What Have We Been Doing For All This Time

So school is coming up soon... first year of college and you know what this means!!!! Freedom to wear what you want with out your parents saying "what are you wearing?!?" as if you came out the room in a bucket and rain boots. Ne who im way too excited to just go with the flow and not have to alter my look.

First year also means no time or money for shopping like i did in the beginning of the summer *sigh* So for now i must Screen Shop (window shopping from your computer). But ive fallin in love with these babies from Urban Outfitters

Ive added a new thing to my blog every week i will give you :

On My Playlist.....

No Doubt: Hey Baby, Dont Speak,
Gwen S: 4 in the Morning, Rich Girl
Rihanna:If Its Lovin That You Want, I Hate That I Love You, Unfaithful, Take a Bow
Jay-Z: We Run this Town
Beyonce: Sweet Dreams
Jamie Fox: Digital Girl
Taylor Swift: You Belong to Me
Demi Lavato(yes im a disney girl): Here We Go Agian, Get Back
Lady Gaga: Dirty Rich Beautiful
A-Wall (My Hubby): You Dont Love Me The Same
The Dream: Love vs Money pt. 1
Jesse McCartney: Its Over, Leavin
Blog Inpiration...
Fashion Chalet
La Couturier
Blinding Bright Lights
La Flassh
Cheap Thrills
Got A Taste For...
Rainbow Sherbet
Cheese Spray/Ritz Crackers
Peach Orchid Punch
Pops Cereal

Thank you guys so much for the lovely 100 comments thanks guys for taking interest in my blog hopefully im around for so much more and you keep coming back
Happy Styling

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