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Ok so here is the interview i promised... Have you ever talked to a person and never disagreed? And couldnt wait to see what t...

Ok so here is the interview i promised...

Have you ever talked to a person and never disagreed? And couldnt wait to see what they would say next? Well this is the case with me, INSTEAD its her outfits. I never disagree and i cant wait to see what she pulls out of her closet next.
So it was no wonder that she was my next Q+A (My first was with Juely from Swank Hieghts)

This HER is Ms. Amiee Song. She was my next victim I mean interview lol.

Name & Age Aimee Song, 22

Where do you wake up in the morning (city lol)? San Francisco, CA

Where do you clock in or answer to attendance AAU, SF

What do you do, or what do you study?

I'm studying Interior Design at AAU

When and why did you start your wonderful blog?

I started about six months ago to document my daily outfit

How did you come up with the name? I wanted to use my last name and song of style kind of made sense. lol

Do family and friends know about your blog?

Yes. my family does and some of my friends found out about my blog and told me they read it.

If you could, What dream job would you trade your blog for? a movie star. lol hahaha

Whos blog do you check first each login?

To be honest, i check mine before checking others.

Who is you fashion icon? male and female my mom. male wise, karl lagerfield.

When did you get sucked into the world of fashion and all its glory? Probably around the age of 14 when i first discovered melrose.

Describe your style

It's a mixture of everything. and altho i'd like to say i'm the original, i'm not. i get influenced from everything and everyone and it's really a mixture of all that.

What are your daily inspirations for style?

Every thing and everyone. from music to movies, street style to the internet world...

First pair of heels (describe) Mom's ferragamo that did not fit her well and neither did it fit me.

Quick you have to throw away all your clothes and keep one item for an unlimited shopping spree, what would keep?

My mom's black vintage jacket that has been altered.

Recent Splurge a plane ticket.

Recent Save nada.. :(

When your logged off what are you doing? eating. i swear, i eat more than a 160lbs man

Top 10 songs on you Ipod? You found me-the frey, T.I.'s whole album, common's whole album,

One food you could live on mexican food.

Favorite Movie: bridget jone's diary 1 &2, Love Actually, and My Girl.

If you were a super Villian what would your name be? Aimee?

A random fact about yourself. I eat so much that all of my male friends think I should go on a food eating contest.

One trend you wish would go away

neon with plaids

Whats in you bag? ipod, phone, id & credit card(i don't have a wallet), lotion, chapstick and receipts.

Your # 1 fashion Do and Dont.
If u don't feel comfortable in it, don't wear it however, if u like it but your boyfriend doesn't approve, still wear it. he'll give in eventually. hehe
Thank You to Amiee for answering my questions. Your style is great and i hope people love this post as much as i loved putting it together.
Vi from Cali

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