Crazy is Off Her Meds

March 19, 2009

So today was an entertaining day. We had a sub in two of my classes (which i happen to have twice for different subjects). This Lady was crazy. She danced and sang all day. She tried teachin us about a poem and she was ALL wrong.
Ive been sewing a little more. Currently reconstructing clothes for someone. Two pairs of pants and 1 dress... stilll one dress to go. Hopefully if I get a little more inspiration and stay b my sewing machine i may just come out with a few items and start my line.

It turned out to be hotter than i thought so i ended up leaving my jacket in class after 2nd period. I was going for a little rocker chic and ended up wearing something more preppy. I guess pearls do that to an outfit. The cardigan i have on is new by the way. I saw it and went back for it days later. If it doesnt cost ($20 each) so much i would have it in brown and a few other colors.

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: l.e.i.
Cardigan: Target
Flats: Qupid
Pearls: Claires
Bag: Target

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