Top: Witherwisp - Jeans: YMI Jeans - High Tops: Vans

This shirt actually describes my life this moment. Not only have I been MIA from my online content (both the blog & YouTube) I have also been neglecting my favorite form of social media -- Instagram. I believe it to be a combination of not feeling inspiration and not feeling A1 appearance wise. Let's call it "Bloggers block." 

Don't get me wrong the ideas are flowing. The energy required for execution of said ideas... not so much. My closet friend have all moved home (aka far as hell away) so I have no real reason to get dressed up and be social.  I shot this a few weeks ago before the slump fyi lol.

 My birthday is next month so I''m hoping that sparks enough some sass and finesse (a word the boy likes to use) to be more present.

...or maybe I need a more blogger friendly atmosphere to keep that vibe going. 

Happy Styling

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