Dress: June & Hudson (c/o Daily Look) - Shoes: Aldo - Rings: (wolf) XXI / (diamond) Christmas Present from Le BF / (midi) Tar...

Dress: June & Hudson (c/o Daily Look) - Shoes: Aldo - Rings: (wolf) XXI / (diamond) Christmas Present from Le BF / (midi) Target

Roses: Gown | Violets: Chunky Bootie

Let me be a bit vulgar and say... Holy shit the year is over! 2014 has taught me a lot. Although it went so fast I didn't get a chance to put it all to use, it definitely gave me the tools to grow in the next. This year was filled with amazing social outings and interactions. Each teaching me  everything from how to pitch myself to how to make and keep blogger buddies.

One event of my favorite events was the Lucky FAAB conference. It was filled with many wonderful bloggers who I adored and some I had no idea existed (who I now keep in constant contact with).  I got a chance to prove I could avoid fan girling while Nicole Richie sat ten feet away from me (insert "barely" meme). And while the ticket to attend the conference was pretty pricey it taught me to invest in myself and this little blog of mine (with a help from my handsome BF taking care of the pricey aspect).

And while the blogging took a seat to me graduating and starting a big girl job it picked back up. I put myself out there. Met more amazing people and make even more connections. I don't think Roses are Red has seen this many collaborations in it's entire existence and that I am especially thankful for. The idea that my personality and personal style captured other people and brand to want to work with me is the best feeling in the world.

It's always been my plan for this to take on a life of it's own. I write and express myself in the unconventional, slightly sarcastic way I do to make it feel like who ever is reading it is in on the conversation. Not just pretty clothing and delicate writing. What's in my head comes shooting on to this keyboard and that's what you guys get. And it blows my mind that so many are responsive to that factor.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading, skimming, or stumbling upon my blog in the past year. I promise there is much more to come (including a proof reading of this sometime tomorrow morning). I can't wait for 2014 and I do hope you'll be there for it.

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