A Valley of Waves

August 11, 2010

Im currently visiting family in the Winnetka Valley and it extremely hot. Its crazy because it is night time, im in the house and im still dangerously close to sweating. It doesnt help that my laptop is hot as a Panini out of the toaste (or whatever they cook them in).

Anywho today my step-mom and I went out to lunch and a movie (we saw Salt btw, the best movie ever!! I anything love Angelina Jolie).  We ate at a place called the Panini Cafe. I had thier turkey panini with tomatoes and cheese. As you will see from the photo to come Im very picky and I removed the tomatoes. And you may be thinking why not just order it without the tomatoe? Well I like the flavor of it.... call me crazy. She got the lamb shish kabob and was intrigued by me photographing my food and took a picture of here own.
Her Plate
We stopped at Cold Stones and since Im not really a big fan I got one of their waffle cup and filled it with ice cream that I had at home.
I got a chance to wear the ring that i bought and blogged about a few weeks ago. Wearing this big ring around all day was pretty cool. Which has brought me to the conclusion that I must invest in more statement pieces of jewelry. Im on the perfect search for a chunky necklace. 
While out I picked up the "Teen Vogue Hand Book" That i've been wanting for a long time. Each page is perfect and so colorful.
Well i'm off to let this laptop cool down. Thank you guys for all the lovely comment and welcome all of my new followers!!!

Happy Styling

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