The Fear

So i thought i found that charger for my mp3 player thati mentioned in my last post but it wasnt the one i wanted so im on this online hunt for a charger hopefully ill order and get that soon. wish me luck.

today i picked up my prom dress ahhh is goregous i cant wait to put on for real . i just can wait til prom night to get planning over with. ive been trying to post some outfit pics but they arent uploading (striaght poop) lol.

oh and Kanye West new Wifey (we are gonna call her wifey here on Roses are Red). i admit i was one of the many who made fun of the match and that bald head of hers. but more i see her the more i want to see of her. cause her style is wicked!

my fave

Apparently she has a Naughty Naughtaaay history

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